We’ve never been more separated than we are right now – but we’ve also probably never been
more capable of empathy than we are now, either. Since everyone is in a similar position, it is
much easier for us to relate to one another. And if you all are anything like us – you’re bored
and trying to come up with things to do to pass the time while everyone is stuck at home 🏠


Here’s our list of the top 10:

1. Spring cleaning 🧹
Is it a coincidence that we’re all stuck at home during spring cleaning season? Probably. But still
– spring is a great time to clean up your home and reorganize. If your typical cleaning is done,
consider re-organizing your kitchen cabinets, decluttering your garage, cleaning out your
storage closets or giving your home a facelift by redecorating. Take advantage of the time at
home to get to all of the things you never have time for.

2. Binge-watch 📺
We know that binging on food probably isn’t healthy since we’re likely all a little more
sedentary these days. However, a movie marathon couldn’t come at a better time. Consider
finally watching all of the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or other multi-movie series that
you’ve always wanted to watch but never had time to do back-to-back. Consider boosting your
movie-watching experience with themed snacks. You could even watch with friends by video
chatting or group texting if you want the community feel without the risk.
Here are 10 movie marathons to consider:
 The Matrix (7 hours total)
 Mad Max (7 hours total)
 The Dark Knight (8 hours total)
 Jurassic Park (10 hours total)
 The Lord of the Rings (20 hours total, including the Hobbit triology)
 Planet of the Apes (16 hours total)
 Harry Potter (24 hours total, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)
 Star Wars (25 hours total)
 Star Trek (25 hours total)
 James Bond (53 hours total)

3. Learn Mandarin📖
Staying at home presents another excellent opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s a
new language to help you with your career when you do go back to work or to prep for a trip you want to take a few months from now – or a new skill, or anything else, search online for classes. Many e-learning sites are offering free trials and memberships to take advantage of during this time. Make the most of those opportunities and increase your quarantine productivity.

Websites to explore🌐
 Duolingo – free app or web language learning
 Skillshare – Classes in illustration, photography, design, and more
 LinkedIn Learning – Classes in software development, business, web development and

4. Order Slice Factory’s Homestyle Kit🍕

Don’t have books at home? Many libraries across the country are offering additional
Have you always wanted to make your own pizza at home, but struggled to find the time or
energy? Slice Factory is making it easy by offering their Homestyle Kit! You can order the kit for
delivery to right to your home and have fresh pizza on your table pronto. The kit includes a
rolled out 14” pizza dough placed on an oven-safe plate for convenient and non-stick baking. It
also comes with freshly shredded mozzarella cheese and our famous homemade marinara
sauce. You can optionally add our ever-frozen pepperoni, as well as use up any vegetables or
other toppings you already have at home.

5. Connect from a distance 📲
Although it is officially called “social distancing” – it doesn’t mean that you have to be socially
distant, just physically distant. With your free time, video chat your friends and family that you
don’t speak to as often. Show them around your home if they haven’t visited before and fill
them in on what types of activities you are passing the time with. You’ll likely feel inspired by
whatever they’ve been up to, and you’ll feel less lonely. This time at home is perfect for
connecting with your loved ones.
Some children’s groups, churches, and classrooms are connecting via video, too. Virtual dance
parties and reading time is becoming commonplace. Your kids are likely feeling a bit lonely and
separated from their friends, so letting them chat via video will likely help them as well.

6. Dive into a new book📚
One of the things most adults say they wish they had more time for is reading. Well – now
you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, so what’s stopping you? If you’re like most of us, you’ve
bought a few books over time that are sitting around your home collecting dust. Maybe you’ve
started them, or maybe you’ve never even read the first page. Regardless, now is the time to
develop that reading habit you’ve always wanted to cultivate. Memberships and copies of their ebooks online. You might also try an audiobook subscription or an e-reader subscription if you plan to do a lot of reading.

If you’re looking for inspiration for what to read, consider these top 10 books for 2020:
 Long Bright River by Liz Moore
 Why We Can’t Sleep by Ada Calhoun
 Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano
 Followers by Megan Angelo
 Topics of Conversation by Miranda Popkey
 Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
 Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown
 Friendship by Lydia Denworth
 A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende
 Minor Dreams & Other Catastrophes by Kathelen West

7. Take care of yourself🛀
With careers and kids and everything that comes along in life, the first thing to go is often self-
care. Like everything else on this list – there is now space in your life for self-care. You can’t go
on a weekend long spa retreat or visit the nail salon, but you can pamper yourself at home and
take a long relaxing bath. Everyone is stressed out and worried these days, so self-care is actually more important than ever. Light some candles, bring a book, and enjoy the quiet of your own little oasis for a while. It’s good for your mental health.

8. Try a new hobby.
For some of us, our hobbies can only be done away from home, or in the company of others. If
that’s you, or you’ve just never had a hobby, it might be time to take on a new one. Consider
arts and crafts if you need a creative outlet. Card-making, scrapbooking, painting, sculpting, and
jewelry-making are all crafts to consider.
If crafting isn’t your thing, you could also visit the opera (virtually). Several performance companies are streaming operas, ballets, and plays right into your living room. The Metropolitan Opera, LA Opera, The Polish National Opera, and many more are offering streaming performances. You could also stream some new comedians and have a comedy show at home, if more traditional shows aren’t your thing. Many stand-up comedians have specials on Hulu or Netflix, or you can probably find some on YouTube as well.

If you love live music, many artists are offering live streamed shows to their fans. Imagine seeing your favorite artist perform right from their living room! Not only does this present an opportunity to hear from your favorite artists in a new way, but you can also check out performers who you’ve hesitated to drop $50+ on a ticket to see.
Another option might be to watch a stream of animals at a zoo or an aquarium. Watching the aquarium streams can be very relaxing, and it can allow you to visit some of your favorite places from the safety of your home.

9. Start a healthy habit🏋️
Do you miss the gym? Have you been wanting to get a great exercise routine established, but
just never had the time? Now is the time. Many gyms and fitness studios are offering exercise
classes via livestream, and there are also many established exercise streaming services
Additionally, you can take some of your extra time at home and whip up healthier meals for
yourself and your family. You can also opt to quarantine yourself from soda, or chocolate, or
whatever unhealthy habit you usually have.

10. Eat better 🥗
Eating better doesn’t necessarily mean going all healthy, all the time. If you’ve been stuck in a
rut of processed food and boxed dinners, now might be the time to step it up and notch and try
new recipes. If they aren’t edible, there’s still no-contact pizza delivery, right?
If you’ve always wanted to step up your cooking or baking skills, now might be an excellent
time to do that. You might even consider sharing your baked goods with neighbors or friends via porch drop-offs.


We aren’t trying to sugar coat this situation – this is a stressful time and being stuck at home is
not fun for any of us. That being said, it is best for your mental health if you can make the best
of a bad situation. Most of us have a little more time on our hands than we’re used to – and
while you could use it to only binge-watch TV or movies, why don’t you also take time to
improve your overall life? Learning a new skill or language can help you advance at work.
Picking up a new hobby or exercise routine can help your mind and body. If there’s something
you’ve always wanted to do – now is the time to do it.