Can you believe Super Bowl Sunday is almost here? Whether you’re thinking about throwing your first Super Bowl party, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for tips to make it the most awesome party yet – we’ve got your back. This article will walk you through the best tips and tricks for planning the ultimate Super Bowl party that your friends and family will talk about until Super Bowl 2021.


DON’T watch the game alone

We get it – it is unrealistic that you watch every single game with friends. That’s a lot of games in a season – even if you only follow one team! But the Super Bowl is not a time to be alone. Who wants to be that guy who is yelling at his TV by himself? You know the guy we’re talking about.


We think Super Bowl Sunday should be recognized as a national holiday (and the day after, too, for recovering.) The Super Bowl is a time-honored tradition. There are heart-warming commercials to discuss and iconic entertainment to enjoy, in addition to celebrating the hard work and athleticism of two amazing sports teams.

Therefore, don’t even think about trying to watch the game alone. If you haven’t been invited to a party yet, throw your own.


DO invite a bunch of your closest friends

There is a good chance that if you haven’t been invited to a Super Bowl party yet, your friends don’t have plans either (or your friends secretly hate you. Sorry, bud.)


Be the Game Day hero for your friends and plan a party for them (and for you)! If you’re not the party-planning type, or you’re worried about the time, effort, and money that might go into planning a party, don’t worry about any of that. We have you covered. Keep reading for the best tips to throw a stress-free party that everyone is sure to enjoy.


DON’T waste your time cooking!

Let’s be honest – there is nothing worse than throwing a party that you don’t even get the chance to enjoy and that is usually the way things play out when the host is cooking for everyone. Additionally, part of the fun of a Super Bowl party is the comradery (or rivalry) that comes when watching the big game with friends and family. While you should never throw a party that you don’t get to fully enjoy, it is especially true when it comes to Super Bowl parties.


When you cook for a party, you spend so much time planning what to serve, buying the ingredients, and then cooking it all. Not to mention that unless your party guests are very kind (and don’t get too drunk), you end up having to clean it up, too. This ends up creating much more work than enjoyment for you for your party – which is not at all what the Super Bowl should be about.


The Super Bowl is all about connection and tradition! So how can you throw a fun party without spending all day slaving in the kitchen – cooking food and heating it up throughout the evening? We’ll walk you through it.


DO sit back, relax and order Slice Factory!

A lot of times, when hosts are debating whether to order in or cook for a party, the deciding factor comes down to cost. However, when you factor in all of the time involved for prep, cooking, and clean-up – ordering in is a no-brainer. You are busy and your time is valuable. Let us handle the shopping, cooking and prep. We’ll also bring everything in disposable containers – so you shouldn’t have to do much besides take out the trash!


Imagine your guests arriving and just being able to spend time with them until your order arrives. Then, you simply serve them, and throw everything away when you’re done. It creates a much easier experience for you, and your guests will appreciate your spending time with them much more than they would have those crudités you planned to spend 45 minutes slicing.


Think about the best parties you have ever attended. I’m going to be that 9 times out of 10, the event was catered so you got to actually spend time with the host instead of lounging around awkwardly with people you don’t know very well.


Slice Factory has an expansive menu that can cater to your tastes and preferences. For smaller parties, you can order from our regular menu – but we also have a jumbo (see what we did there?) catering menu if you plan to have a large number of guests (i.e. 15 or more folks).


DO order ahead!

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for any carry-out, delivery, or sports restaurant. It is CRAZY! It is absolutely critical that you order ahead in order to ensure timely delivery for the big day.


At Slice Factory, we make ordering easy! You can give us a call, order on Facebook Messenger, or place an order through our iPhone or Android apps. We allow orders to be scheduled months in advance – which means you can absolutely start getting your Super Bowl order in today. Do it today. Seriously.


No order is too small. Whether you are celebrating with your family, a few close friends, or your entire neighborhood, we can deliver to you.


DON’T wait until Half-time!

It’s happened to all of us. You find a delicious-looking recipe on Pinterest and you decide to give it a whirl – only to discover it is really a dud. Or maybe it is a classic favorite that you accidentally cook too long because you’re busy chatting with your guests – or you drop it on the floor because the over-excited and rambunctious family dog knocks it out of your hand. When you’re cooking for a large crew, there are a lot of things that can go wrong – and then you’re left high and dry without any food to serve.


Save yourself the stress (and a mad dash to the grocery store – where, spoiler alert, they’ll be out of pretty much everything AND you’ll be missing the game) and order ahead. Don’t wait until the game has already started, or you may not be able to find any restaurants that can accommodate your last-minute order.


As long as you order ahead, we can deliver your order with our Super Speedy Jumbo Slice Delivery. Then you don’t have to worry about what could possibly go wrong with the food – you only have to worry about which team is going to crush it in the Super Bowl.


DO get chips, dip, and chicken wings!

Another reason some people make the mistake of cooking up party foods at home is that they worry that ordering food from a restaurant will be “boring.” While that may be true from some restaurants you might think about ordering from – that is far from the truth at the Slice Factory.


At Slice Factory, we have all of your favorite appetizers from mozzarella sticks, fries, fried pickles, and mac and cheese bites. We also have pasta, wings and burgers, too. Of course, we have our jumbo slice pizza available in hand tossed and Chicago thin crust (or if you really want something special, consider one of our stuffed pizzas.) We have an impressive salad menu, for those who want to eat a little healthier, or if you just want a lighter option for a side. And you can round out your menu with some of our famous desserts like brownies and Nutella bites. If you really want to stand out from traditional “party foods” – order our Nutella Party! This is a 10” crust layered with Nutella, bananas, almonds, cranberries, and powdered sugar.


If you are concerned about maintaining a specific budget without cooking at home, simply order your entrees from Slice Factory (like pizza and wings) and pick up simple sides from the store like chips and dip! Also get ice – do not forget the ice. Be sure to go shopping a few days before the party – the closer Super Bowl Sunday gets, the less likely you are to get what you need. Remember that there are way too many people out there who aren’t as savvy as you; who plan to buy and cook everything for their parties and waste the day in the kitchen.


This mixed approach is the best way to get the convenience of ordering in without spending too much on food (so you can spend more on beer.) Just be sure that the things you do pick up require minimum effort. It doesn’t take long to open a few bags of chips and a couple dip containers.


DON’T get a veggie tray
No matter which approach you take to getting food for your party – whether you decide to make it yourself or order it in – don’t get a veggie tray. Trust us, no one actually enjoys snacking on cold carrots and celery no matter how much Ranch dressing you ladle on. We’re not saying you can’t have anything “healthy” at the party – but a veggie tray is one of the most boring routes you can go. If you’re worried about boring food – a veggie tray is the biggest example of boring you can get. An exciting salad topped with something like chopped avocado, smoked bacon bits, garlic-roasted croutons, or pepperoncini? Yes. A veggie tray? No. Only nerds get veggie trays. Skip the veggie tray.


DON’T stress too much about the game!

There are always big stakes on the Super Bowl. Which team is going to walk away with that championship? While we know it is a big deal, try not to stress too much about the game. It is just a game, right? Instead, make sure you are enjoying the time with your friends and family.


DO enjoy a good time with great friends and great food!

Instead of focusing too much on the game (especially if your team is the one who is losing), try to just relax and enjoy the good time with your friends and family. If it helps – consider breaking out other activities to enjoy while the game is on. Maybe throw some cards around while the game’s on. If cards aren’t your jam, try and practice our 2 in 10 Challenge (that means eating 2 of our Jumbo slices in 10 minutes.) Even if your team is losing, maybe YOU can still be a winner.


If nothing else, just focus on the delicious food you’ve ordered. It’s hard to yell at the TV or at your friends (who may be cheering for the other guys) with a chicken wing in your mouth. We know because we’ve tried.


To add to your enjoyment of the day, also remember that with Slice Factory, you are not only getting great food, but pizza with a purpose as well. Each of our locations not only serve mouth-watering food, but also give you something to feel good about. We use premium ingredients to make our delicious menu items, but we also want to make a positive impact with every meal we make. We have a commitment to collaborating with the community. We’ve worked with a lot of schools, organizations, and even other businesses. If that doesn’t make your Super Bowl party even sweeter, we’re not sure what will (besides maybe our Nutella Party.)


We hope this article has inspired you to throw a party for your friends so you can have the best Super Bowl possible. Or if you already had decided to throw a party, we hope we’ve convinced you to do yourself a favor and order the food for delivery. If you already have a party to attend, maybe you can pass this along to the host so they don’t spend the day slaving in the kitchen or over the grill instead of enjoying the game. If nothing else, hopefully you’ve learned a trick or two about throwing a stress-free party that you can use in the future. We’re always here to help!