Your audience booster
TrafExtender is a traffic and revenue booster. Factory targets content publishers (blogs, online press, information portals, etc…) that are willing to improve their traffic metrics and looking for new ways to broadcast their content in a unique way.

This browser add-on has a great number of benefits for e-publishers such as:

  • traffic growth
  • more visits (all clicks are redirected to your website)
  • more user engagement and recurring traffic
  • unique broadcasting channel, with no extra development cost
  • no maintenance cost: hosting and upgrades are free!

A push system allows the web surfer to read the news when convenient


Icone and pull notifications: your readers remain connected

The opening of a new, unique broadcasting channel, with no extra development charge
Early capture of the audience:


Your news pushed on the top of the result page of your browser


A carousel with your news embedded in the opening page of your browser

Aquiring additional traffic:


Your TrafExtender extension included in web stores

Receiving notifications to connect with your news while surfing on related or competitor’s sites:


Invite your readers to stay connected to your news

How it works?

  • HTML embed code to be copy/pasted on the publisher website, that invites its users to add the extension to their browsers
  • No development required on your side : the notifications are automatically overseen by our system
  • You get a direct contact with your web surfers regardless their browsing circumstances

For 2-months free test of TrafExtender for Chrome, just click here !

TrafExtender for Safari is coming soon!

WordPress users, we do have a plugin, check it out!