Launch of the Advanced Start Page !



 Slice Factory is launching Advanced Start Page, the plug-in allowing customizing your own start page


Sophia Antipolis, November, 15th 2014

Today with the Advanced Start Page, Slice Factory gives the Internet user  the opportunity to create within few click his/her own start page, user-friendly gathering his/her preferred source among the web such as sites, applications, social networks, …

Thanks to ASP, available in 35 languages, the user easily access a set of information or chosen features  without keeping opened the tabs of these pages, including his/her mail box.  

Breaking news come to the user according to his/her choice

If the user is used to regularly look at publisher sites with a « pull » system, from now on he/she can easily configures his/her start page in order to receive automatically in “push” all breaking news of his/her preferred publishers in real time.

Slice Factory proposes… the Internet user keeps or modifies as on pleases

Based on the most visited sites by the web surfer, Slice Factory proposes on the Advanced Start Page pictorial shortcuts to directly access these sites. The Internet user can decide to keep or suppress them as well as add those that he/she prefers to have at his/her disposal on his/her own Advanced Start Page. The pictorial shortcuts are classified according to the following types: publishers or e-merchants.

On the customized start page of the user: his/her social networks and mail boxes

Also, Slice Factory can determine the most seen networks by the user or mail boxes. They, thus show up in the form of favicones. The latter mention the number of new or unopened messages viewable via a pop up as well as give directly access to the mail boxes. The user can keep or suppress these favicones.

Search engine, weather forecast and wallpaper

The web sufer can install in the parameters his/her most suitable search engine. He/she can follow in real time the weather forecast of his/her favorite cities. Finally, the user can also choose the wallpaper of his/her own customized start page.


  Founded in 2008, Slice Factory remixes and reorganizes the massive data of multiple sources of the Internet into an easy-to-use smart services platform. In order to deploy Slice Factory’s add-ons, the editor offers a « cut & paste » and « point & click » model to the publishers.  End users as for them can download these applications and add-ons within 1 click.  Today, about 2 million web surfers are using Slice Factory’s add-ons among which its flagship products: TrafExtender, BestDeal Factory, Advanced Start Page and Meteo.