Press release TrafExtender


The e-publishers’ favorite tool for boosting their audience…

And of the Internet users to know about breaking news

Sophia Antipolis, April 2014
Slice Factory announces the release 2 of TrafExtender (ex News Factory). Mainly used by content publishers, this on-line service – or add-on – globally increases the user engagement and recurring traffic of their sites. Today, Slice Factory enhances its product by integrating features allowing to get the Internet user attention at an early stage.

Multiplied visits…

The first version already included, for the web surfer:

  • RSS feed reader embedded into the web browser, activated by clicking on a custom browser icon
  • Live content notifications
  • Bookmarks management (can be used as “read later” feature as well)

For the e-publishers, a stunningly simple solution:

  • HTML embed code to be copy/pasted on the publisher website, that invites its users to add the extension to their browsers
  • No maintenance cost: hosting and upgrades are free!

… an audience acquired as soon as possible.

Today, TrafExtender offers:

  • A thumbnail of the publishers’ latest news on the navigator opening page
  • Your news pushed on the top of the results page of the user’s browser
  • The notification of news « on the same subject » while surfing on related sites
  • The measurement of traffic generation thanks to tools such as @Internet (Xiti) or Google Analytics.

Today available on Chrome and Safari browsers.


Founded in 2008, Slice Factory remixes and reorganizes the massive data of multiple sources of the Internet into an easy-to-use smart services platform. In order to deploy Slice Factory’s add-ons, the editor offers a « cut & paste » and « point & click » model to the publishers. End users as for them can download them within 1 click. Today, about 2 million web surfers are using Slice Factory’s add-ons among which its flagship products: TrafExtender, BestDeal Factory and Weather.
Slice Factory is based in the French Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis.