Press Release BestDeal Factory



Sophia Antipolis, April 2014

In order to stay tuned to the new purchasing behavior, Slice Factory is enhancing its BestDeal Factory add-on and announces its next release for end of May. Besides its capacity to detect the best price for a given product, its new features turn this extension into the perfect companion of today’s online purchasers.

Saving time and money…

The first step in developing BestDeal Factory, was to allow the Internet users to easily find the best price for goods they were seeking on the web, without having to navigate distressfully on numerous sites. The add-on, once installed within a single click on the user’s browser and displayed as a user-friendly banner was – and is still – doing it for them in an automatic and real time manner.

… and buying wisely.

Today, not only the number of e-commerce sites supported by BestDeal Factory has drastically increased, following the significant expansion of sites, but also, it allows:

  • Visiting comments and evaluations of web users without changing page.
  • Asking for an advice to friends, a spouse, a partner or even an expert sharing product pictures and information through the social network on real time.
  • Creating and managing your own lists of preferred products and favorite web merchant.
  • Searching for a item thanks to a dedicated search bar which instantly displays the lowest prices found.

« Since we developed this search engine with, as our first client the comparison site Kelkoo for its own needs, we considered that we had to adapted our tools to the current practices of the web community. On one hand, making BestDeal Factory accessible to Internet end-users and on the other hand, taking into account the new “buying attitude: go e-window-shopping with friends at the best price.” states Christophe Dupont, Slice Factory’s founder.

Dowload BestDeal Factory for free on Safari release will be available next.


Founded in 2008, Slice Factory remixes and reorganizes the massive data of multiple sources of the Internet into an easy-to-use smart services platform. In order to deploy Slice Factory’s add-ons, the editor offers a « cut & paste » and « point & click » model to the publishers. End users as for them can download them within 1 click. Today, about 2 million web surfers are using Slice Factory’s add-ons among which its flagship products: TrafExtender, BestDeal Factory and Weather.
Slice Factory is based in the French Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis.