BestDeal Factory

Download BestDeal Factory and get the best prices on the web!
No more time-consuming and distressful search to find out the lowest price on online-dealers sites. Shop smarter and let your browser do the job for you! Once BestDeal Factory installed within 1 single click on your browser, this ultimate solution will save money and compare prices in real-time for you, while shopping online!

Discreet but watchful
Don’t change your habits. BestDeal Factory is keeping an eye for you on the online marchants. This add-on works in a transparent way with 300+ online retailers and will only notify you when a cheaper price is found for the product you’re currently seeing. Get disturbed only when you’re about to lose money!

Automatic and real time price comparison
The price comparator BestDeal Factory is displayed in a banner lying under the navigation bar. Lower price(s) exist anywhere on the web? BestDeal Factory indicates in real time the full list of online retailers selling the same product and their corresponding prices. 



Save time and money
Click on your preferred merchant or offer, it will immediately lead you to the right destination. No more wasted time… nore money!

Features which make your online shopping easier and always more cost-effective!

– From the opening page of your browser, an icon allows you launching a search of product and comparing prices on the fly!

– Save your favorite products in an easy available list. BestDeal Factory will inform you as soon as their prices are decreasing.

– Within a click, share your favorite items with your friends through the social networks.

– To buy wisely, BestDeal Factory finds evaluations and comments regarding the product you are about to pay for!


– Never leave the page you’re on to access your favorite sites. BestDeal Factory sets a list to directly access your most popular websites!

– Also, a search bar allows you to find a product without leaving the page you’re on. A comparative list of prices is displayed in real time.


On-line retailers supported by us:, Alapage, RueDuCommerce, LDLC,, Pixmania, Les 3 Suisses, Fnac, Ubaldi, Darty, MisterGoodDeal, WebDistrib, Boulanger, Eveil et Jeux, Delamaison, Gros Bill, La Redoute, Surcouf, Price Minister, CDiscount, Ebay, Conforama, Auchan, But, Carrefour, ToysR’Us, Discounteo, Spartoo, Sarenza, etc… and many others to come!

Important : TheBestPrice currently works with US, UK and French main retailers. We will add more countries very soon !

Download BestDeal Factory for free: Under publication